August 22, 2014

A New Chapter Begins

I am now on the threshold of my eighth year of homeschooling (and sixth year of blogging at funschooling). The direction of our homeschooling, if I can still call it homeschooling, has changed quite drastically this year. From being his primary teacher at the beginning to outsourcing a lot of the learning via online classes at home in the past years, we are now pursuing brick and mortar classes, for his favorite subjects, at a local community college.

The semester started this week and I am happy to report that kiddo seems to be navigating the strange campus and various class requirements rather well. He is so eager to learn the ropes and figure things out for himself. I'm so proud of him!

As our homeschooling direction changes, I also expect things I blog about to change. I'm not too certain yet what this new blog direction will be. I had hoped that we would have moved by now to be closer to his college but the housing market is slowing down drastically where we live and it looks like much of my time will be spent not only ferrying him to the campus an hour away but also waiting hours for him there because it's much more sensible than driving all the way back again between classes. I'm also having to babysit Adrian in the car while we wait to hear about our house so that doesn't leave me much freedom just yet.