Jun 5, 2014

And So, Grade 6 Ends!

How do I sum up our eighth year of homeschooling? So much has happened this year. Kiddo has grown tremendously in maturity and ability. And I feel like I am passing the reins on to him now. He is able to do much more than he ever has been executive function-wise, and I often find myself missing the little boy who was so dependent on me.

Two of the huge changes coming our way...he has applied and been accepted to community college for the fall 2014 semester, and we will very likely be moving in order to make the daily drive to classes easier on the two of us. I can't believe how fast time is flying. I guess I did realize that we will be following a non-traditional path but when we moved to this house five years ago, I did not realize that the next move would come so soon. I'm torn. And yet, also very excited.

We are staying true to our motto: aiming high, taking risks, having fun. We have no choice but to aim high because aiming any lower is just too boring. But by aiming high we are taking so many risks and sometimes I am tempted to just throw it all aside and curl up in my recliner and sleep (which I have been doing more of lately no thanks to obvious hormonal changes that come with age). But taking risks is also fun, I can't deny that. There's no fun in playing it safe anymore. Risks keep life adventurous and unpredictable! Thanks to careful homeschool record-keeping, the risks scare me only for a little while. :)

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